Homeowners, are you having Plumbing Problems

If you are a homeowners, then there is a good chance that you have been faced with a plumbing problem at some point that you did not know how to resolve. Perhaps your bathroom sink was clogged, or your toilet had a leaky tank. Making things even worse is hiring a plumber, only to see that what the plumber did was so simple you could have done the same thing if you had known what to do. Fortunately, there is help for homeowners in the form of “Plumbing For Dummies”.plumbing repairs - plumbing services

This is book that helps with common plumbing problems that you can solve yourself. Below are a few examples of what you will find in “Plumbing For Dummies”.
Unclog A Drain Using A Plunger:

1. You will need to remove the sink’s stopper if there is one before you proceed. If your sink also has a pivot rod, remove this, too.

2. Next you will need to block the overflow hole if your sink has one. You can simply stuff a rag into the hole. The reason for this is to help build up suction when you use the plunger.

3. Place your plunger directly over the sink. There needs to be enough water in the sink to cover at least half-way up your plunger. If there isn’t enough water, add some. This will help ensure that your plunger has a tight seal.

4. Carefully push down on the plunger until it touches the drain, then sharply pull it back up. Be careful to not break the seal. Repeat several times. Caution – If you previously used chemicals to try and clear the blockage, wear safety goggles so that you do not accidentally splash the chemicals in your eyes.

5. Push down again on the plunger, but this time break the seal when you pull up. If you were successful, water will start to go down. If you were not, try steps four and five again. If you try several times without success, you will either need to try a plumber’s snake or call a professional.

6. If possible, pull out any of the blockage. If you used chemicals, wear gloves before touching it to prevent injury.plumbing repairs

Clean Your Water Heater:

1. Turn off power to your heater. Remove the cold water hose or supply line at the top of your heater. Remove the nipple that is screwed into the port.

2. Clean the tank by pouring a citric and acid based cleaner into the opened hole. Wait about eight hours for the cleaner to break down and dissolve the minerals within.

3. Use a garden hose to connect to the drain valve located at the bottom of the heater. Run the hose into your garden or lawn.

4. Open your heater’s drain valve, reconnect the supply line for cold water, and turn the cold water supply back on.

5. Let the water drain through the hose until it runs clear. Remove the hose.

6. Turn on the hot water for the faucet farthest away from your heater to bleed out air until you see water, then repeat with all other faucets.

7. Turn the power back on to your water heater.

These are just two examples of the help you will find in the “Plumbing For Dummies” book. With this book at your side you can tackle most plumbing problems you may encounter.

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Invisalign Buck Teeth

Getting braces is a huge event in a person’s life especially if you’re a teenager. I grew up in Suffolk County on Long Island and as a pre-teen; I became very self-conscious due to a pronounced overbite that happened when my permanent teeth grew in. In 5th and 6th grade my nick name became “Bucky Beaver” and I was teased quite often. Basically, being a quiet person by nature, this was torture for me. orthodontics

At age 10, teeth straightening became my focus; I started following my mother around the house, moping and begging. I wanted to get braces in the worst way. When I was 12, after several years of pleading, my Mom, finally took me to see an Orthodontist. I was just mortified when he told me I had to wait until I was 15.

At age 15, in the world of nicknames, I traded “Bucky Beaver” for “Tinsel Teeth” and went through high school with heavy metal brackets and rubber bands and a variety of creative names. It wasn’t until I completed my first year of college did my braces come off. That was truly a great and liberating time for me. I hadn’t had a confident smile with straight teeth since I was a little kid. It was great to not have the very heavy social burden of buck teeth or braces. I felt free.

Since my experiences with dental braces there has been much advancement in the art and science of straightening teeth. Several years ago a new system of invisible braces were developed for adults called Invisalign. They are designed for each person from a custom impression made of their teeth. From the impression custom aligners are designed and manufactured. These custom plastic aligners are worn approximately 20 – 22 hours a day and are easily taken out for eating, brushing and flossing. Every two weeks or so there is a brief visit to your Invisalign dentist to get the next set of aligners. The whole process usually takes only one year!orthodontists

Currently, my niece, also growing up on Long Island, needs to get it. Up until recently her only option (many years after my experience) was also to get a mouth full of heavy metal, as the new clear braces were only available for adults. Well the great news is, that not too long ago, a miracle happened for my niece and for thousands of other teens facing getting it. Invisalign recently announced that “Invisalign for Teens” was now available. The teen program also includes extra aligners, in case “oops, I lost my braces” happens (A little extra peace of mind for teens and parents alike).

Invisible braces are not the solution for all orthodontic conditions. An exam and consultation with an Invisalign dentist will determine if clear braces will work for you or not. The good news is that they do work for most people on a quest for straight teeth.
invisalign vs braces
Some words of advice from a teenage survivor of old fashioned braces. Whether you are a teen or a parent of a teen, they are a life changing experience.

For those of you who need to get it and happen to need the heavy metal type, just trust the process and know it’s not forever (though it may seem like it at times). And if you’re a lucky candidate for Invisalign, it should be a relatively easy experience. Even though my experience with getting them was a very long 4 year period in my life, the resulting self confidence was transformational. Whether you get visible or invisible braces, have patience, be optimistic, and know your new smile, and your new life after braces is very much, worth the wait!

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Traffic Tickets New York State

In New York State, a traffic offense can be an infraction, a violation, a misdemeanor, and in some cases, a felony. Most traffic tickets that the police give out are infractions, or unclassified misdemeanors.


While most moving traffic infractions carry points and a fine, some carry automatic license revocations. For instance, if you plead guilty to, or are convicted of driving without insurance (section 319.1 of the NYS vehicle and Traffic law) your license will automatically be revoked for 1 year by law. Also you will also receive a $750 civil penalty in addition to a fine and surcharge.

Also if you are convicted of 3 or more speeding tickets or 3 or more misdemeanor traffic convictions (or any combination of 3 thereof ), with dates of violations within 18 months of each other, you will receive a 6 month revocation of your license.


If you plead to or are convicted of driving with a suspended license (section 511.1a of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law) you will end up with a criminal record, unless you fall under the youthful offender provisions.

The following charges are misdemeanors. There are many more charges that are misdemeanors as well that I have not listed. A conviction to any of these charges will give you a criminal record unless you fall within the youthful offender provisions.

VTL 511.1(a) Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 3rd degree VTL 511.2 (a) Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 2nd Degree VTL 600-2a Leaving the scene of an accident with personal Injury VTL1212 Reckless Driving VTL 319-2 Produced Invalid Insurance ID card VTL 306-e Fictitious Inspection Certificate VTL 375-I Inadequate Brakes VTL 375-1 Inadequate Trailer Brakes VTL 340-(a) Failure to surrender license/registration/plates after revocation under article 7 VTL 1182 Unauthorized speed contest


Some traffic offenses carry even harsher sentences. Some misdemeanor traffic convictions carry a sentence of mandatory jail or probation. For example, if you are convicted of a 511.2a (Aggravated Unlicensed operation in the Second Degree) the judge must by law sentence you to Jail or 3 years probation, and a minimum $500 fine, plus a surcharge. VTL 511.3A (Aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the first degree) is a felony. A conviction of VTL 511.3A will lead to a felony record unless the court grants youthful offender.


At the Law office of Gary S. Miller, we will always attempt to obtain the very best resolution of your case. Whether it involves getting a misdemeanor charge reduced to a non criminal offence, or saving you points on your license, you can count on us to fight for the best result possible.


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