The Reign of South Africa’s National Congress May End Soon


A couple of days after several millions cast their votes in South Africa’s most scrutinized election since the first vote for democracy in 1994, the chief of ANC (African National Congress) explained that the party had had its worst rating in 22 years. Jackson Mthembu spoke to reporters, wondering where the ruling party, that was once the party of Nelson Mandela, had gone so terribly wrong. He said that he didn’t believe any other political party in South Africa ha better solutions to the country’s problems than ANC. However, he went on to say that if they did have better solutions, he didn’t understand why people were not voting for them, which he saw as a failure on their part.


Though the ANC had won with approximately 54 percent of the entire vote, the party didn’t count it as a victory. Though the election was a local one, it highlighted its decline from favor on a national level, something that hasn’t happened since the demolition of apartheid. The low numbers in major cities were also taken as a sign that the party’s rule was coming to a close. While the ANC still maintains control over a majority of the nation’s municipalities, two big opposition parties, the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters, have made substantial progress, especially in cities. Though the next election is quickly approaching in 2019, there is a possibility that these newcomers can steal away some of ANC’s votes by good performance in their new areas.

To answer Mthembu’s question of what went wrong, the answer from millions of people is the same –plenty. Tired of unemployment, weak administration and the plethora of scandals that seen to follow Jacob Zuma, the people have given up on the idea that the party holds the same moral fiber as Mandela and simply wants to see a change for the better.

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Has Obama Led The World Into Chaos?


President Obama is set to deliver his final UN General Assembly speech on Friday. However, even his most loyal fans find it difficult to overlook the spread of disorder during his term. While the president is most likely to put his best foot forward and highlight his diplomatic strategies, people will wonder what exactly was on his mind when he signed that global climate agreement and what exactly his stance was in improvement of the world’s economy, not to mention that dubious nuclear agreement with Iran. In a previous UN speech dated eight years back, Obama promised to take action on some persistent UN priorities, which included playing peacemaker between the Palestinians and Israel. That specific goal became little more than a sideshow as a greater part of the Mideast gained a brief rush of democracy which was quickly quelled in the following chaos.

As every country in the Middle East barring Israel became even disorganized, America chose to become a mere spectator. The refugee crisis around the world has become worse with numbers doubling every day as more people flood countries seeking safe havens. Syria suffered greatly when the Kerry-Lavrov ceasefire was declared finished. At the same time, Iran batters at Saudi Arabia and vows to demolish Israel while America does nothing but watches and avoids the conflict that could send Tehran running from the nuclear deal.

One of the biggest promises that made people count on Obama as a president was that, by having roots in Africa and being raised in Indonesia, he would have the know-how and the experience to help unite countries and nudge them towards the ideals that the UN was meant to advocate, though always seemed to fall short of. But the leadership in America has weakened these past eight years and the world, it seems, is worse off than it ever was before.

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